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color direct - UVA- UVB protection

The best on the market / Il meglio del mercato
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Product of Excellence
color direct - UVA- UVB protection

Protects and prolongs the brightness and intensity of the color. Applied to natural hair ensures brilliance and delicate refl.
- TREATMENT OF POST - COLOR : to refine and give a valuation even more obvious, intense and shiny the reflection.
- MAINTENANCE TREATMENT BETWEEN COLOURS : to preserve over time, including a coloring service and the other, the appearance of healthy, vital hair.
- REFLECTIONS CORRECTION TREATMENT SIDE : In order to modify an unexpected result obtained from a performance DIY, to act on a change proved wrong or correct reflexes that are inadequate.
- TREATMENT OF SHOTS AND SUN STREAKS : to create new plays of light and color toning by first restoring force, strength and extreme brightness of the strands exploited. Great for tonalizzazioni and the elimination of unsightly classic effects obtained with bleach.
- NATURAL HAIR TREATMENT : For those who are skeptical about the world of professional coloring and we want to approach with caution, for those who want to experience temporary changes in their image, for those who do not want to minimally alter the natural texture of the hair but want to enhance the characteristics, for those who do not want to bind to a service that requires continuity in time, DEKOTTO is the perfect product thanks to its characteristic to completely lose track of its use after only 3/5 washes.
- WHITE HAIR TREATMENT : to meet the needs of those who do not like the color gray-haired and want to cover it without acting chemically and for those who, on the contrary, simply want to enhance brightness without altering the refl. The product is able to act in a targeted manner.
Shades 8 brilliant shades to be fashionable : BLACK, BROWN INTENSE VIOLET RED, BROWN, GOLD, COPPER, FIRE RED, SILVER.
box: 200 ml tube.

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